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Livio Amato propone musiche inedite finalizzate alla realizzazione di prodotti multimediali, in genere: cortometraggi, film tv, filmati pubblicitari, film di animazione, rappresentazioni teatrali, presentazioni aziendali,  sonorizzazioni ambientali per mostre, manifestazioni, ecc.
Potrete trovare l'intera produzione Livio Amato Music Lab sulla pagina Bandcamp, dove potrete ascoltare, inoltre, le ultime produzioni olofoniche-binaurali.

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"Thiara" - from "The Priestess" - 2012
- Binaurals + Holophonics -
(Headphone listening)




Livio Amato & Sarah Michelle Coletti (The Priestess)

Urban Guitar Sayonara - Review - Traduzione italiana

Sito del Regno Unito per promuovere vari campi della Indy Music / Art: Indie Guild. Del musicista italiano Livio Amato, quest’opera è stata rilasciata gratuitamente. Il rilascio dell'originale è del 2012, si può anche scaricare da Jamendo e ascoltare (HR) su Bandcamp. In aggiunta, oltre al nome di copertina "HyparxisProject", sembra essere diventato un lavoro di collaborazione con Sarah Michelle Coletti, non sembra essere un lavoro di Livio Amato solo strettamente. In passato sono stati rilasciati non pochi lavori a nome Livio Amato, tra sonorità dai toni New Age, del pianoforte classico e l’abilità a suonare la chitarra; sembra che proprio la chitarra sia diventata lo strumento principale. Sto ascoltando il lavoro ora ... si possono sentire colori notevolmente diversi, texture elettroniche che diventano nel complesso più forti, il ritmo e lo spazio di un’elettronica dai toni Ambient Spacey sono cospicui. C'è anche una traccia che rende notevoli la chitarra e il pianoforte, come in passato, ma non è limitato al telaio della New Age, mai: diventa un suono che aveva un total eclipse complesso, come la Dark Wave / Cold Wave, ed è da ascoltare sotto questa chiave interpretativa, anche con elementi gotici. E’ interessante vedere una varietà di tendenza e dare un'occhiata a ogni traccia. Il ritmo entra nello spazio ambient, una traccia un po’ Trance Chick a M-4 a M-1, 3, 4, ma questa tendenza è il M che esplode in 6. Sono rimasto sorpreso dalla traccia Trance, Heresia, già al primo ascolto. Dal momento che la descrizione del rilascio è in italiano, è impossibile capire un concetto dettagliato ma, ragionandoci su, questa pista mostra il coraggio di questo lavoro ed è una preoccupazione. M-2, 5 sono tracce in cui si può godere di paesaggi sonori cinematografici posti di fronte al pianoforte. Suoni che le frasi di chitarra in grassetto, che sono state inserite nella seconda metà a M-5, tra chitarra e pianoforte, suggeriscono di essere più vicini al lavoro fino ad ora ascoltato di Livio Amato. M-7 è fantastica per rotolare in un mondo da Fiaba: sublime, profondo spazio Ambient, ritmi sovrapposti con ponderazione, coro multi-layered, pianoforte, Lust... pista spettacolare che può anche portare ad un Post-Rock. Come si arriva a provare questo? E’ stato dimostrato provando un confronto con le opere del passato: si riceverà l'impressione di entrare, con un passo, in un altro mondo. Ascoltando solo estratti sembreranno essere canzoni qualsiasi, non si sentirà ciò che è questo lavoro, anche voi non sarete in grado di capirne il senso. Questo lavoro è un universo caotico di fantasia ed estetica, ordine e, mescolata tra loro, (dinamismo affettivo umano e meccanico) la forza. Lavoro molto strano. Penso che sia un tour de force.


"Livio has always been one of the standard bearers, for me, when it comes to beautifully composed music . . . His sounds are always carefully created with an ear to fulfilling the heartbeats and emotions of his listeners.  I think I've written some of my best poetry to his music, especially his piano compositions. His best tunes are new age styled, with a dreaminess factor which impresses the listener with visions and emotions . . . So . . . please listen to one of my favorite musicians . . . an artist with the capacity to paint watercolor dreams and fancies .  .  . in celestial arrays of angelic melodies . ..  Enjoy!"

Barbara Wolfsong, "The Poet"

"All I have to post is a little love poem inspired by some special music by a special musician who's beloved at Jamendo, Livio Amato, for my special, and secret, love..."

Brenda Clews "Lyric of Love"
"Composer/Pianist Livio Amato’s wonder-filled music is a beautiful blessing and discovery. His artistry is extraordinary and reflects a deeply sensitive soul with a profound artistic imagination. The visions he creates become aural paintings rich with imagery and memories.. allowing the listener to be swept away through emotional sound scapes. The melodies and arrangements are enchanting and introspective, haunting and innovative.. somewhere between melancholy and romanticism.. but always uniquely.. Livio Amato ♥ I highly recommend the music of this artist.. as well as his incredibly artful videos."


"And we round things out with some passionate, walking-the-sandswept-dunes-style piano music from Italy's Livio Amato. "Crepuscolo" and "Sogno agitato" will have you searching the horizons for that long-lost lover."

Elisabeth Fitterer @ Audiosurf Wiki 

A recent running topic on Charge Shot!!! lately has been the outdated catalogue of music genres.  As Jordan wrote a few weeks ago, many of the terms are obsolete, especially the ones less concerned with the music itself, like “indie” or “alternative.” 

This week we’ve got Sunspot, who straddle variations on mainstream rock, calling themselves the “Cheap Trick of geek-rock and Van Halen for nerds.”  Pretty ballsy comparisons there, guys.  They hail from Madison, Wisconsin, a beautiful town that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.  So good on you, Sunspot, for striving to raise Madison’s profile even just a tick. 

Providing a nice counterpoint to Sunspot’s alternative rock is the piano music of Italy’s Livio Amato.  I can’t read Italian at all, but if you do, you might enjoy his website

Enough stalling, let’s get to some rides.

You know that section of your now-shuttered record store labeled “Pop/Rock”?  It was chock full of albums filled with tracks that sounded like “Neanderthal.”  The bass line switches between a bouncy mainstream punk feel and a rumbling, monster-in-the-basement sound.  Sunspot has some metal aspirations – crunchy riffs abound – but they refuse to fully commit.  I imagine a band meeting where someone points to a framed Foo Fighters poster on the wall and tells the guitarist to ease up a bit.  To be honest, I didn’t have much time to consider the music, as I was incredibly distracted by the lyrics.  The opening lines, “Virtual murder, pixelated death/We can kill each other, with no regrets,” sound like a comment on violence in the Internet age.  The words don’t get much more sophisticated than that, however, and the prechorus line “Now I’m fucking my PC” just grates on me.  The ride is rather perfunctory, an afterthought to an afterthought of a song.

The first couple bars of melody in “No Place Like Home” call to mind traces of The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen A Face.”  It’s not one-to-one, but the notes he’s using as touchstones between phrases remind me so much of that chord progression.  I suppose invoking the Fab Four is rarely a bad idea, especially since here it’s preceded by a thumping bass that only would’ve made it on a Beatles record in a Ringo song.  The song’s about shedding your hometown like so many molted skins – a sentiment many can identify with as they start post-collegiate life.  The music and lyrics don’t quite live up to their promise, however, leveling out to become four minutes of completely inoffensive rock.  Toward the end, a few sweeping red curves spice up the ride.  Just don’t expect any epileptic fits on this one.  Those aiming for places on the leaderboard should definitely aim to nab the Butter Ninja bonus for collecting nearly all of the yellow blocks.  I didn’t see too many along the way, which should make that an easy addition to your score.

“Crepuscolo” is surprisingly vibrant for a piano-only track.  There’s plenty of traffic to slough through, even if it doesn’t always match up with Amato’s dexterous fingers.  Upon hearing the alternation of dense chords and spritely melody, I was instantly reminded of several titles from the indie game scene.  Specifically, I’m thinking of the opening music for Today I Dye, a touching little game by Daniel Benmergui.  The rising arpeggios connote an emotional buoyancy, someone’s rising feeling that they can surpass the obstacle before them.  Not a bad message for someone playing Audiosurf, trying to make it to the end of the track unscathed.  The traffic activity did confuse a few players, however.  Ko Tao points out, “Almost all of my other piano tracks are 2-digit traffic and straight uphill, no matter how intense the actual music is.”  The challenge here is a surprise, but a pleasant one.

Just like “Crepuscolo,” “Sogno Agitato” generates a high volume of traffic for a piano track.  The only other instruments are some light strings in the background, but they do little more than support the movement of the piano.  Shocked may not be the right word, but I did find it curious that there’s another piano piece out there called “Sogno Agitato,” by someone named Suzanne Ciani.  I couldn’t find anything linking the two, so it must simply be coincidence. Babelfish informs me, rather circuitously, that the title means something like “agitated dream.”  I definitely hear Amato invoking the journey of a dream: starting sweetly, adding turbulence, and then building hopeful suspense.  Surfinonbeatzzz believes it “sounds like a movie score.  In the first part somebody died and in the second part that somebody was born.”  Conversely, hellfaucet describes it as “sexy, suspenseful bathtime  music (in winter).”  I wonder what sexy, suspenseful bathtime music sounds like in spring.

Craig @ Charge Shot

Hi! Thank you all for your beautiful words and kindness listening to our new album preview "Wilhelmina". I'm so glad that you are our friends, even virtually. I would to thank Livio Amato in this form: Yesterday we gave everything. Yesterday we've touched the chasing light. Livio Amato is a wonderful creature, a great composer and a great coach and, believe me, do not write to flatter him, he does not need... he reject the compliments, only listen to the criticism. But he is also a wonderful, caring and sweet companion, with his ups and downs, of course, but he is always the best musician partner I ever had. I love his presence and his support, his understanding and his patience, his intelligence and his inner word.
Genuinely fascinated by this great man: I adore you, Livio Amato!


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